About Me



     I grew up in northern Minnesota. The long winter nights created the perfect environment for me to grow into a creative person. Most of my childhood was spent drawing and trying to draw at the level of photographic realism. In high school I received a artist/mentor grant that was created to provide kids living in rural access to resources and training in the arts. Kieth Wheeler was my mentor. He taught me how to use an airbrush and how to use a camera. He also taught me how to process and print black and white film in the high school darkroom. As technology progressed, digital cameras and Corel paint  and the internet came together and I began to create images to use as photo references to paint from. Eventually the digital images stood on their own and I stopped painting them all the time. Murals and larger paintings became the challenge and the drive to paint realistically was no longer in the forefront.

From photography and painting, now to video and the challenges of story telling are now my ongoing quest as I grow as an artist. Please join me in my ventures and let me tell your story.