About the artist

me again

Denise Houk is a painter, photographer and digital artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her work is based on abstract symbolism, cultural myths and stories, visions and dreams.  She has been inspired by Pre-Raphaelite painters, the Art Nouveau movement and many of the illustrators of the early 20th century. In her personal work she enjoys recreating WWII pin-up posters and anything with a vintage feel.





“I started creating art at a young age. I started with drawing. My father tried teaching me how to use a 35mm camera but I was never very good at it. It was only after I was introduced to the dark room that my interest in photography grew. I would always take photos to use as references in paintings. When digital media became readily available I began to combined images on the computer. First in Corel Photo/Paint and later in Photoshop. I still enjoy painting but I also love photography and digital art. The images on the left are some of my earlier images. I hope that you enjoy exploring this site and the work that is in it.”

-Denise Houk