St. Nicolas Catholic Church Stations of the Cross Restoration project

I have been recently commissioned to restore 14 sculptures for St. Nicolas Catholic Church in Elko New Market, Minnesota. It has been a fun and yet challenging project. You can see my progress in this video.

Circus Pin-up Photo shoot

You can see one of my most resent photo shoots in this video. This was a 2 day shoot with a vintage circus theme.


EAA AirVenture Oshkosh | Oshkosh, Wisconsin


I will be photographing this event tonight! Join me there and get your picture taken! It should be fun!










My son and I went to the back to the 50’s car show. There were so many great cars there. Here is just a sample of the photos that I took.

19396_10152882260811960_5485175025445448001_n 67318_10152882259901960_6839162148757606301_n 10351462_10152882259886960_1071091183325702498_n 10361572_10152882259871960_2079211014479359611_n 10424315_10152882260706960_7400445862182910669_n 10470725_10152882257961960_3519087705934328387_n 11012826_10152882122201960_2133756982491379356_n 11159958_10152882259966960_2476614109742793810_n

Kalahari Resort

I had a great experience working with Jeff Kraft and his crew. I met a lot of interesting people including Connie Kautza, a great sculptor, artist and new friend. I was challenged painting in lifts and on 30 foot ladders. So far this has been the most challenging job that I have ever done. Driving to the job, alone was a challenge as there were snow storms the whole way there. Once I got there, it wasn’t so bad. I got to stay at the Inn at the Pocono Manor, a hotel built at the turn of the century.

Here are some photos of the murals I was working on.

10944851_10152719169511960_2208501714403109381_n 11039285_10152719167991960_4662722428796799355_n 11059400_10152719169876960_8396267754461106817_n 11149480_10152719169736960_547235322665521589_n 11150381_10152719169591960_1217683172313037214_n



Rocking out with Popshot and the Astral Tramps

I had a blast watching my friend Matt and the band he is in, Popshot.  After Popshot played, another band, the Astral Tramps played.  I got some great shots of them all.



I will be working on murals in the Kalahari Resort

Starting in February,  I will be working with Jeff Kraft at the Kalahari Resort, painting murals in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  I am really excited to be working on a project like this.  These murals are larger than anything I have ever worked on before.  This is Jeff working on a previous mural.  Totally amazing work.

Project Ivan Time Lapse from Kalahari Resorts on Vimeo.

The Paper Moon project.

I decided to create an old fashion style paper moon set for my studio.  I have primarily been a Photoshop artist but I really was intrigued with the idea of building a set and in keeping with my interest in vintage photography and mythical imagery, what better than a paper moon?

As far as I have been able to research, no one seems to know where the paper moon started but it was popular from 1900-1930 and was found at fairs and carnivals.  They were created with Eastman Kodak‘s Brownie camera.

paper moon



I started by projecting the moon onto plywood.  I wanted to create a moon that was like some of the moons in the past but I also wanted it to be unique and my own creation.  After looking at a lot of different moons, this is what I ended up with.








10704142_10152416737086960_4939635817694387502_n 10696458_10152416736261960_2996294124046291235_n  I cut the moon out and attached the points.  After I had the moon cut out I changed it a bit.  I wanted the ends to come to points.










IMG_20141113_231520IMG_20141115_195252  Next I made the bench and attached the moon.  I had to build a support for the moon.  Without it, it was too floppy.


Then I painted the moon.  I painted the background light yellow and airbrushed in the details.

IMG_20141121_173210 I added the black in the front and the black background.


This was what I ended up with.  I am really happy with the results.  Now I get to have fun photographing different people in the moon.












New Studio Opening Soon!

I will be opening a new studio soon.  It is located at 2237 East 38th Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota.    I will be offering photography, graphic design services as well as custom fine art.  IMG_20140726_140458


ZWA Poster

This is the latest painting that I have worked on. It is a poster for an event. It is based on an old TWA poster. Here is what it took to paint this picture.

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